Skincare and Injections.

Living with Type 1 means the poking and prodding doesn’t stop. When you’re newly diagnosed, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be put straight onto an insulin pump, so unfortunately that only leaves injections. For me, my daily routine consists of at least 4 injections if not more, 1 injection before each meal and a single long-term injection which I take every 24 hours. This does not include the pin pricking to test blood sugars.

My short-acting and long acting insulin.

Injection sites are located in the stomach (divided into 4 quadrants, used for short acting insulin), thighs (long acting insulin) and arms, although I never use my arms. It’s never nice looking in the mirror and seeing your stomach covered in bruises, this takes its toll both mentally and physically. It will inevitably happen of course, but there are a number of creams I use to speed up the recovery of the injection sites, which are mentioned below!

TIP: change location of the injection site each time. Avoid injecting in the same area/quadrant twice in one day to minimise skin damage.

Testing blood sugars is also something that takes its toll on the appearance of our fingers. Testing bloods is something which should occur multiple times every day, at least before every insulin dose. While these needle pricks also leave their mark, and are also unavoidable, below are some products I found useful to reduce the appearance of dots on the fingers.

TIP: when testing blood sugars, take blood from the sides of fingers where there are less receptors therefore lessening pain.

While these creams may not fully clear the damage or inflammation of the skin, I find them particularly useful to sooth areas of pain/bruising.

  • La Roche-Posay cicaplast baume B5
  • Kiehl’s ultra facial deep moisturising balm
  • Bio-oil
  • Aveeno skin relief

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