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Exercise and Diabetes 🏆

I have a trophy emoji in the title because, well, I think anyone who balances exercise and diabetes deserves one. It's challenging and having spent 19 years exercising without and just over 3 year exercising with diabetes, I can safely say the latter is 100 times more difficult. The importance of exercise for Type 1… Continue reading Exercise and Diabetes 🏆


Caffeine Fix

Coffee 😍 My friends describe me as a coffee snob, which is true, and I make no apologies for liking exceptional coffee!  But what are the effects of caffeine for a Type 1 Diabetic? ☕️ January 2017, one week after a stint in ICU while I was recovering in the ward, the hospital nutritionalist payed… Continue reading Caffeine Fix


The Mind Game

Does your mind ever play tricks on you? No? Well, mine does, and it really only started since I was diagnosed.   It’s a funny thing, when you’re tricked by your own mind into believing that you did something you didn’t or you tell yourself something repeatedly even though it’s not possible or blatantly untrue. … Continue reading The Mind Game


The Freestyle Libre

As I'm sure you've probably seen on my social media channels, I recently got my hands on an Abbott Freestyle Libre. A really cool piece of diabetes technology. Basically, it's a circular sensor that attaches to the arm and reads your blood glucose levels. It's not the prettiest of devices as it stands out about… Continue reading The Freestyle Libre



What is a HbA1C test and why it's important to understand. A HbA1c test is a blood test that essentially determines how well you're managing your diabetes. It should be done roughly every 2 months, and will give an average of what your blood sugar readings have been within that 8 week period. The test… Continue reading HbA1c


Mental Health

At the end of mental health awareness week, now is as good a time as any to discuss the mental torment Type 1 causes people who live with the illness. When people think of Type 1 diabetes, most people think of the physical difficulties and rarely think about the mental aspects of living with it.… Continue reading Mental Health

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Exam time

Keeping Blood levels between optimal levels is probably most difficult around exams. The range of emotions that accompany preparation takes its toll on all of us, but it's extra challenging for Type 1's. Exams bring about inevitable stress. This can have both hyper and hypo effects on blood glucose levels. In the build up to… Continue reading Exam time


My hospital experience

Friday 13th January 2017. Myself and my Mam were due to fly to Glasgow for the crunch game of Munster’s Champions Cup campaign on the Friday and as most people who know me would tell you, I’m a rugby fanatic so going to this game was a big deal. So when I told my mother… Continue reading My hospital experience